Wish List

New Headquarters

$5,000: Office Space Renovations

We are excited to have our new office space as a publicly accessible building.  This contribution will go toward the cost of ongoing building maintenance.

$1,000: Pollinator Garden

This contribution will go toward creating a native pollinator garden at the office yard, including educational signage.


Public Programs

$1,500: Winter/Spring 2018 Lecture Series
We are pleased and excited to host our  free lecture series featuring topics of interest to Cape residence by recognized experts. These lectures will be held September through December at the Orleans Yacht Club.  This gift will cover the cost of renting the space and the speaker fees.

$500: Free Guided Trail Walks
OCT organizes and hosts numerous educational walks throughout the year. These engaging educational walks are free and open to the public.  This gift will cover the cost of advertising our walks.

Land Stewardship

$1,000: Four more OCT signs that designate protected lands throughout town
It’s hard to drive around Orleans these days and miss one of the OCT’s new signs, which are located at the entrance or identify 25 of our 114 properties. After years of fielding questions about exactly where our properties were located, we hope the new signage will assist hikers in locating those areas with trails, as well as to educate the public about the extent of the Trust’s property holdings.  We hope to continue adding signs this year to identify other major properties.

$2,000: Native Plantings

OCT would like to increase the number of native plantings at such properties as White’s Lane and Boland Pond.  This donation will help us to purchase native plants and hold volunteer planting days.

$500: Annual mowing of properties

Several OCT properties throughout town are mowed back at least once a year to prevent the takeover of invasive species or to maintain the habitat as an open grassland.

Community Outreach

$6,000: Biannual Newsletter
In the fall of 2012 OCT printed its first 12 page color newsletter. This newsletter was the talk of the town and provided exciting educational information, remarkable photos, and inspiring stories. Help support this important outreach tool that is sent to each Orleans household in the spring and again to members in the fall.

$5,000: Town-wide Membership Appeal
OCT is growing and maturing as an organization, and a key component of that is our expanding membership support. Membership support enables OCT to continue to pursue land acquisitions, expand land management efforts, and attract new volunteers.

$500: Constant Contact Newsletters and Online Donations
For more than three years OCT has offered online giving and event registration pages through its website, and just this past year we were able to set up an electronic news page through Constant Contact. Online payment options are essential in today’s world, and our electronic news feeds give updates on upcoming walks and talks. Help us keep our electronic communications a possibility.


Interested in making an in-kind donation?  

We are looking for donations of land management equipment, and mowing services! Please contact our office at 508-255-0183 if you are interested in making an in-kind donation.