Sycamore Maple (Acer pseudoplatanus)

300x225Initially from Europe and Eastern Asia, this type of maple was brought over to be ornamental and is commonly seen in parks and along roads. It is a tall tree, reaching 100 feet with 5-lobed leaves similar to other maples. The leaves have subtle differences though: a more leathery texture, with a dark green top and a lighter hue on the bottom. They have yellow-green flowers that grow in racemes up to 6 inches in length. The seeds fall in the form of samaras like other maples. The bark is scaly and can flake off in a similar nature to sycamores.

300x225 2The problem Sycamore Maples pose is that of crowding out native species, because they produce high quantities of seeds leading to dense tree stands. To eliminate these trees simple cutting is effective as long as it is followed by application of herbicides. Small seedlings can be uprooted by hand.