Protected Lands

For more than 40 years the Orleans Conservation Trust (OCT) has worked with Orleans community members to preserve and enhance natural areas and resources in the Town of Orleans for the use and benefit of the community; to preserve sufficient natural habitats; to ensure the survival of native plants and animals; to acquire land, and to promote public appreciation and responsibility for the environment through education.

Since its founding in 1970, the Trust has preserved more than 660 acres in Orleans through deeded gifts, land purchases, and private conservation restrictions. Below is a growing list of the lands that OCT has protected to date. Help us continue this long standing land preservation effort.

Property NameStreet NameDate PreservedAcresDescription of LandAcquired By
Total Acres672.185
Nickerson Homes , Inc GiftPochet Rd.12/15/19708Salt Marsh.Gift
Knowles GiftRock Harbor Rd.9/28/19719Salt Marsh.Gift
Donham GiftRock Harbor Rd.11/3/19712.5Pine/Oak Woodland.Gift
E.C. NickersonWhipoorwill Ln.12/27/19710.69Pine/ Oak WoodlandGift
Studley Conservation RestrictionTides End Ln.12/20/725.24Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Cedar woodland on The River.Cons. Rest.
Morrow Conservation RestrictionBradford Rd., off Doane12/29/721.1Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Salt Marsh.Cons. Rest.
Moore GiftTonset Rd.4/30/19737.05Mixed Pine and Hardwoods.Gift
Margaret "granny" Cochran GiftDavis Rd.8/29/197358.59Pine/Oak woodland stretching around to Sarah's Pond. Largest upland gift in history.Gift
Dean GiftSmith Neck Rd.12/15/19733Pine/Oak woodland on rolling hillside.Gift
J.S. Smith GiftHopkins Island1/26/19744.5Pine/Oak woodland with mixed native shrubbery. Island found in Town Cove.Gift
Williams GiftSparrow Hawk Rd.4/12/197422Salt Marsh abutting the Pochet Inlet behind the National Sea Shore.Gift
Nickerson Homes GiftPochet Road8/30/19748Salt Marsh abutting the Pochet Inlet behind the National Sea Shore.Gift
Williams GiftBlossom Ln.11/14/19751.25Old field habitat now made up of Red Cedars. Small wetland found on the property.Gift
Wilber GiftBrick Hill Rd.7/7/19763.21Pine/Oak woodland abutting the Moore Gifts and in close proximity to Ice House Pond.Gift
Henson GiftBittersweet Cartway8/30/19762.886Three parcels that contain pine/oak woodlands, a freshwater wetland, maple swamp and salt marsh on The River.Gift
B. Hagenbuckle GiftViking Rd.11/15/19763.55Pine forest with frontge on The River.Gift
Gilmore GiftEli's Crek5/9/19770.93Upland shoreline made up of red cedar's stretching into a salt marsh.Gift
Tovrov GiftMill Pond Rd.12/6/19771.3Salt Marsh, shore and coastal bank abutting the Mill Pond Town landing.Gift
Beilby GiftHarvey's Ln.12/28/19772.3Upland mixed woodland sloping to a freshwater wetland abutting Harvey's Pond.Gift
Reuben Hopkins Estate GiftCaptain Curtis Road9/25/19783.8Upland containing a mixed pine/ oak woodland sloping to Reuben's Pond, which is surrounded by highbush blueberry, arrowwood viburnums, and other native wetland shrubs.Gift
Tovrov Gift (Duck Pond)Blue Rock Rd.10/26/19784.8Heavily wooded upland sloping to a densly vegetate wetland. Acts as a coastal plain pond.Gift
Nickerson Homes, Inc.Pochet Marsh12/18/19788.2Salt Marsh on Pochet InletGift
Proctor GiftSkaket Beach Rd.6/20/19791.1Salt Marsh off Little NamskaketGift
Burke Trust GiftSkaket Beach Rd.6/20/19796.8Upland woodland sloping down to an Atlantic White Cedar Swamp.Gift
Howe GiftUncle Hedley's Rd.8/17/19792.27Upland forest with mixed growth. Also wetlands containing red maples, Atlanitc white cedars and mixed swamp plant vegetation. Gift
Burke Trust GiftCountry Crossing11/16/19791.77Wetland that was once used for cranberry cultivation. Wetland is surrounded by a mixed woodland.Gift
Williams GiftSibsie Ln.11/26/19800.75Red Cedar woodland that was once a field.Gift
Hanvey GiftHopkins Ln. & 33 Pine Ridge Ln.8/12/19818.69Pine/Oak woodland with historc ditches running through the property to the Town Conservation Land. A State certified vernal pool is located just off Pine Ridge Lane.Gift
Hanvey GiftGreat Oak Rd.8/12/19814.8Oak woodlands with open understory. Black locus is the dominate tree along the southern boundary.Gift
MacKenzie GiftRock Harbor Rd.8/31/19811.95Salt marsh east of Rock Harbor.Gift
D. Morrow/ G. Jones GiftMinister's Prim11/25/19812.87Pine/Oak woodland with a small maturing field.Gift
Litchfield GiftPochet Rd.4/26/19822.73Pine/ Black Cherry woodland with steep slopes. Overgrown field with non indigenous species.Gift
Burke Trust Gift0 Captain Linnell8/3/19823.6Salt MarshGift
Hofe GiftNamskaket Marsh8/19/198257.598.22 acre of Pine/Oak woodland and 49.37 acre of salt marsh.Gift
Hofe GiftWillie Atwood Road8/19/19820.99Beach. Potential habitat for Diamond Back Terrapin and Kemp's Ridley Turtle.Gift
Williams GiftShore View Dr.9/19/19828.2Salt MarshGift
Trainor, Lieberman, Hertig GiftMallard Drive # 274/12/19835.44Salt MarshGift
Johnson GiftBakers Pond Rd.4/21/19830.751Atlantic White Cedar Swamp, Upland: pine wooded. Exact location unknown.Gift
Williams GiftShore View Drive10/11/19833.115Upland made up of heavy red cedar tree's mixed with other scrub growth. Slopes to Nauset Inlet's coastal bay.Gift
Frederica Payson GiftPayson Ln.12/26/19841.95Wooded upland (.86 ac.) stretching to salt marsh (1.09 ac.).Gift
Grunebaum GiftChamplain Rd. Nauset Inlet2/18/19850.3Coastal Bank sloping to salt marsh.Gift
White GiftApple Way10/16/19850.611Heavily invaded locus woodland with dense underbrush.Gift
Hofe GiftCapt. Linnell Rd.10/23/19850.338Upland sloping to scrub wetland.Gift
Payson GiftPayson Ln.11/28/19851.05Shore front with salt marsh, coastal bank, field growth and mixed scrub and cedar association.Gift
Payson GiftPayson Ln.11/28/19850.84Upland with associated salt marsh system.Gift
Payson GiftPayson Ln.11/29/19851.21Upland with associated salt marsh system.Gift
Wildt GiftHenson Way12/13/19852.23Pine/Oak woodland with black locus mixed in and a .5 acrew wetland swamp.Gift
Hofe GiftCapt. Linnell Rd.4/18/19860.492Small pine/oak woodland.Gift
Kinne GiftSturbridge Drive12/4/19861.91Land locked oak woodlandGift
Earl GiftTar Kiln Rd.12/26/19863.5Salt MarshGift
Cullen GiftOlliver's Way12/26/19861.86Pine/Red Cedar woodland stretching doglegged parcel stretching to Mill Pond's shore. Very dense undergrowth made up native and non-native shrubs.Gift
Croll , Martin & LeStage Conservation RestrictionBarley Neck Road12/28/875.26Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Early succession field habitat.Cons. Rest.
Williams GiftSibsie Ln.12/31/19870.555Mixed woodland with dense understory.Gift
Bevens Conservation RestrictionGosnald12/28/880.87Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland stretching to Nauset Inlet.Cons. Rest.
Polite GiftStony Island Way12/28/19881.36Old field now dominated by Red Cedar trees. Lot stretches to the enge of a salt meadow with occasional stone walls running through the property.Gift
Young/ Flint GiftChamplain Rd.5/18/19891.26Former house lot. Property has been rehabilitated to an early succession field habitat and contains large cedars and a stone wall along the roadside.Gift
White GiftHenson Way12/18/19897.395.85 ac. Restored early succesion field, 1.54 acre salt marsh and an old brackish bog. Documented Diamondbacked Terrapins nest on site.Gift
Gilmore Conservation RestrictionPortanimicut Rd12/26/892.3Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Early succession field habitat.Cons. Rest.
Campbell GiftLoomis Rd.5/10/19901.56Salt MarshGift
Payson/Parra GiftPayson Ln.8/22/19903.86Dense Red Cedar tree growth over old field, small freshwater wetland and stone walls. Gift
Mauch GiftOld Duck Hole Rd. & Lovells Ln.9/27/19906.5Pine/Oak woodland, Red Cedar Woodland, old grass and garden area, and salt marsh edges. Numerous stone walls run through the property.Gift
Ellis/ Hart GiftBakers Pond Rd10/2/19901.43Land locked Pine/Oak woodland abutting Rt.6.Gift
Cox GiftHayward Lane11/13/19900.53Dense black locus tree's and invasive species understory.Gift
Hannum GiftDuck Farm Lane12/12/19901.49Early succession field habitat made up of sandy grasses and plants. Old duck farm foundations evident on site. Parcel is land locked.Gift
Sparrow GiftSouth Orleans Rd.12/17/19901.42Pine/Oak woodland with small freshwater wetland.Gift
Moerschner GiftCheney Rd.4/9/19911.17Old field habitat now made up of oak, red cedars, black walnut, and fruit tree's. Parcel stretches down to salt marsh within Meetinghouse Pond.Gift
Welch GiftRipple Cove Circle4/11/19910.58Oak tree's sloping down to overgrown meadow and dense brush around fresh water wetland.Gift
Kaitz GiftDylan Way7/8/19911.53 aces of upland made up of a pine/oak woodland with natve grass understory. .13 acres located along the edge and within the freshwater Cummings Pond.Gift
Seikel GiftNamequoit Rd.7/11/19913.29Pine/Oak woodland with Tupelos found along the edge of the Town's abutting Atlantic white cedar swamp.Gift
Shactman Conservation RestrictionForest Way10/2/19910.97Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland abutting Twinings Pond Conservation Area.Cons. Rest.
Grunebaum GiftChamplain Rd.12/5/19910.51Salt marsh at the edge of Snow's Cove.Gift
Wineman GiftHarvey's Ln. & Windy Hill Ln.12/22/19910.72Tall story of black locust tree's with a dense understory f invasive species.Gift
Williams GiftSibsie Ln.8/21/19920.382Red cedar woodland filling in what was once an old field and grassy meadow.Gift
Sam and Laura Payson GiftBarley Neck Rd.12/23/19920.88Red cedar woodland filling in what was once an old field and grassy meadow.Gift
Johnson (Neill) Conservation RestrictionDunlukin Lane12/29/928.26Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland on Mill PondCons. Rest.
Little Sipson Island PurchaseIn Pleasant Bay12/29/19924.6Island in Pleasant Bay. 1.6 acres upland containing red cedar tree's and low growth scrub grassed. Prime nesting for geese, sparrows, and terrapins. 3.0 acres salt marsh rings the island.Purchase
Rachia Heyelman GiftQuanset Rd.11/23/19931Atlantic White Cedar SwampGift
Rachia Heyelman GiftPochet Rd11/23/19931.22Old cranberry bog that drained and has been dry for many years. Today the lot is made up of very dense vegetation.Gift
Rachia Heyelman GiftQuanset Rd.11/23/19931.8.81 acre old cranberry bog now made up of red maples and a few Atlantic white cedar tree's. Upland contains black locus and abutts the Meadow Bog Pond.Gift
Henson Conservation RestrictionBarley Neck Rd12/02/932.76Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Early succession field habitat.Cons. Rest.
Peter & Ruth Fleck GiftQuanset Rd.12/29/199316.01Pine Oak Forest sloping down to Twinings Pond shoreline.Gift
Peter and Ruth Fleck GiftMizzentop Ln.2/18/19945.19Pine Oak Forest sloping down to Twinings Pond shoreline.Gift
Gallgher Conservation RestrictionPortanimicut Rd08/12/942.4Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Early succession field habitat.Cons. Rest.
Simmons GiftTides End Ln.12/6/19941.311Salt marsh on south edge of Meetinghouse pond.Gift
White GiftHenson Way2/23/19951Pine/Oak woodland abutting other George White gifts of land.Gift
Robert Caia,Paul Cass (Pan Oceanic Realty Trust) GiftGreymoor Rd.7/5/19950.5Freshwater wetland made up of dense native and non native vegetation. A vertified vernal pool is located on site.Gift
Nichols GiftNichols Rd.8/25/19952.91Freshwater wetland surrounded by red cedars.Gift
George White GiftHenson Way6/3/19961.6Pine/Oak woodland with a steep slope down to freshwater wetland.Gift
Grandview Lot: Building Company Inc. GiftMorningside Circle.6/11/19961Old field habitat with small wetland, former Mayo Duck Farm. Property contains a certified vernal pool.Gift
Moore Childrens GiftBrick Hill Rd.6/27/19966.5Pine/Oak woodland with non-native sycamore maples and black locus. Property was once used to grow turnups. Extensive trail system located on site, which stretches to other gifts around Reubens Pond. Gift
Orin Tovrov GiftChamplain Rd.6/27/199612.2densly vegetated upland valley that stretches to a coastal shore. Visits who traverse the unique trail system will find a fresh water ponds, wetlands, and a certified vernal pool.Gift
Payson Conservation Restriction11/25/19973.9Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Cedar Woodland on Little Pleasant Bay.Cons. Rest.
Martin GiftTonset Rd.12/30/19971.14Old Field habitat now containing black locust tree's. Very dense understory. Stonewalls found throughout the site.Gift
Miner Purchase (Boland Pond Park)Rt 6-A1/29/19983Smal pocket park sloping to Boland Pond.Purchase
Knox/ Raymond GiftMonument Rd.7/9/19981.8Mixture of oak tree species stretching to a red maple swampGift
Sparrow Conservation Restriction (Town) Conservation RestrictionSouth Orleans Road7/14/199812Conservation Restriction: Town Land. Pine/Oak woodland abutting Namequoit River and Arey's Pond. Contains unique American Chestnut Tree.Cons. Rest.
Charles Heyelman Purchase (Namequoit Bog)Namequoit Rd.10/22/199822.54.8 ac. Made up of a pine/oak woodland with a dense understory.. 17.7 ac. Wetland that contains rushesm sedges, and old growth Atlantic white cedars and red maples.Purchase
Moore GiftOff Brick Hill Rd.11/10/19986.52Pine/Oak woodlandwith black locus and sycamore maples intermingled. Walking trail runs through the property.Gift
Earle Conservation RestrictionSouth Orleans Road12/3/19983.76Conservation Restriction: Private LandCons. Rest.
Williams GiftSibsie Ln.12/3/19980.74Old field overgrown with red cedars stretching to a coastal bank.Gift
Henson Conservation RestrictionWeston Taylors Lane12/8/19982.1Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Early succession field habitat.Cons. Rest.
Thomsen Conservation RestrictionPayson Lane12/11/983Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland on Little Pleasant Bay.Cons. Rest.
Davis Conservation RestrictionOff Cygnet Way12/11/19982Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland on Pligram Lake.Cons. Rest.
Whitlock GiftFreeman Ln.12/24/19983.11Mixed woodland containing, oaks, pines, black locus, and a wide variety if shrubs and grasses. There is a certified vernal pool located on the property as well. Gift
Herman GiftTar Kiln Rd.12/29/19981Pine/Oak woodland sloping to a salt marsh, which drains into Pleasant Bay.Gift
Lipton GiftNauset Knolls Ln.12/30/19981Pitch Pine KnollGift
Tonset ConnectorOff Brick Hill Rd.12/30/19980.15Pine/Oak woodland wit dense pathches of black locus.Gift
Davis GiftCygnet Ln.2/1/19992.49Pine/Oak woodland sloping down to Pilgrim Lake.Gift
Rogers (Johnson) Conservation RestrictionFernwood Dr.6/16/19996.28Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland stretching to Little Pleasant Bay.Cons. Rest.
MacPhail Conservation RestrictionGilman Lane10/14/991.24Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Cedar woodland on coastal bank of Pochet Inlet.Cons. Rest.
Ryan Conservation RestrictionQuanset Road10/14/993.8Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland abutting Cochran 58-acre gift and Keller purchase.Cons. Rest.
Nichols Conservation RestrictionOld Field Road10/28/9915.955Conservation Restriction: Private LandCons. Rest.
Keller PurchaseQuanset Rd.11/12/19998.25Pine/Oak woodland stretching down to Satah's Pond. Atlantic white cedars found along the low area's west of the pond. A small early succession field is maintaied on the southern boundary..Purchase
Whitehurst GiftMizzentop Ln.11/16/19991Oak woodland with dense understory.Gift
Davis Conservation RestrictionFreeman Lane12/02/992.45Conservation Restriction: Private LandCons. Rest.
Cullen GiftOliver's Way12/23/19990.91Old field now made up of a red cedar woodland. Very dense understory.Gift
Maria Ewald GiftFox Ridge Drive1/11/20003.16Upland 2 ac. Now maintained as an early succession field habitat. (1.16 ac.) freshwater wetland with State certified vernal pool.Gift
Orin Tovrov GiftChamplain Rd.3/15/20000.96Red cedar/ pitch pine hillside stretching to freshwater pond.Gift
Whitlock Estates PurchaseTonset Rd.3/17/20003.2Pine/Oak woodland with patches or red cedars. Parcel stretches to Woods Cove's salt marsh.Purchase
Whitlock Estates PurchaseUncle Jim's Way5/17/20003.5Pine/Oak woodland.Purchase
Peterson Conservation RestrictionSouth Orleans Road12/28/20009.5Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland.Cons. Rest.
Ellen & Ludwig Rebenfield PurchaseMarsh Ln.12/29/20000.93Salt Marsh to coastal beach.Purchase
Tovrov GiftChamplain Rd.1/4/20011Red cedar/ pitch pine hillside stretching to freshwater pond.Gift
Helen Whitlock GiftUncle Jim's Way10/19/20012.06Pine/Oak woodland with patches or red cedars. Parcel stretches to Woods Cove's salt marsh.Gift
Boas Conservation Restriction24 Boas Drive12/28/20014.81Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland abutting Hofe's Gift of Namskaket Marsh.Cons. Rest.
Harriet DeWitt GiftGrand View Dr.12/31/20011Black cherry steep hillside with very dense invasive species understory sloping to edge of Mill Pond.Gift
Hopkins/Martin Conservation RestrictionPond Road12/13/20021.42Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Cedar Woodland between Mill Pond and Cedar Cove.Cons. Rest.
Alex ParraPayson Ln.12/23/20021.15Red cedar woodland sloping to Little Pleasant Bay.Gift
Boas: Songbird Circle Conservation RestrictionSongbird Circle7/23/20031.99Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland abutting Namskaket Marsh.Cons. Rest.
Beals Conservation RestrictionRock Harbor Rd.08/20/20033.21Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland.Cons. Rest.
Horseshoe Lane Conservation Restriction (E. Cochran)Horseshoe Lane03/06/20042.43Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland.Cons. Rest.
Kenrick Woods Conservation Restriction (Town)Namequoit Rd6/18/200432.15Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland containing unqie American Chestnut trees.Cons. Rest.
Horseshoe Land Conservation Restriction (Mon Cochran)Horseshoe Lane09/25/20042.49Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Cedar Woodland abuting PBNT CR.Cons. Rest.
Helen Dicke Conservation RestrictionDavis Road12/17/20043.699Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Early succession field habitat with historic hand dug horsepond.Cons. Rest.
Moore Conservation RestrictionBrick Hill Road12/15/20059.35Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland abutting Moore Gift and Ice House Pond.Cons. Rest.
Pleasant Bay Narrow's Trust Conservation RestrictionHorseshoe Lane/ Margaret's Lane12/16/20059.2Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Cedar Woodland stretching to The Narrow's within Pleasant Bay. Kayakers can land on the point from the water.Cons. Rest.
Brooks Family PurchaseQuanset Rd.12/21/20052.92Pine/ Oak woodland with large black locust. Walking trail exists on site.Purchase
Stanley & Barbra Eskin GiftCamp Rd.10/20/20060.93Pine/Oak woodland.Gift
Emily Young Williams GiftSibsie Ln.11/20/20060.61Overgrown field now made up of a ed cedar woodland.Gift
Payson- Great Blue Trust Conservation RestrictionPayson Lane11/28/20061.6Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Cedar woodland on Pleasant Bay.Cons. Rest.
Daniels Conservation RestrictionKenneth Lane12/21/20071.78Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak woodland.Cons. Rest.
Colin Cochran GiftHorseshoe Ln.2/8/20082.34Pine/Oak woodland with encoraching invasive species in northwest portion of property.Gift
Stanley & Barbara Eskin GiftGrassy Knoll6/30/20081.6Pine/ oak woodland with open area's of native shrub habitat. White birch saplings popping up in area's outside of former cul de-sacGift
Mathew Meaney GiftGrassy Knoll6/30/20081.71Pine/ oak woodland with open area's of native shrub habitat. White birch saplings popping up in area's outside of former cul de-sacGift
Louis Nelson GiftArey's Lane2/2/20092Pine/Oak woodland sloping to Pilgim Lake.Gift
Ann Fleck Henderson PurchaseTwinings Lane6/28/20101.86Pine/ Oak woodlands sloping to Twinings Pond. Shrubs include low bush blueberry, arrowood viburnum, bayberry, bearberry. Minimal invasive species impact. Purchase
Daniels Conservation RestrictionKenneth Lane12/22/20111.72Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak WoodlandCons. Rest.
Roberta GiffenMonument Rd.2/29/20121.77Oak woodland that slopes north/northwest to a freshwater wetland. Seasonally dry with dense green and cat briar vines.Purchase
Ex-Hamar Conservation RestrictionCliff Pond Road12/03/20124.1Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak WoodlandCons. Restriction
Ann and Andrea Fleck- Window on Twinings Pond Land PurchaseTwinings Lane12/20/20122.7Pine/Oak woodlands sloping north to Twinings Pond. Minimal Invasive speciesPurchase
Winslow GiftQuanset Road3/20/20133.1Red Maple WoodlandGift
Haubner GiftMiner Lane5/21/2013.66Red Cedar WoodlandGift
Twinings III Conservation RestrictionTwinings Lane12/09/20131.48Conservation Restriction: Private Land. Pine/Oak WoodlandCons. Rest.
McMahan GiftMorgan's Way12/24/20131.44Pine/Oak woodlandsGift
Brooks GiftQuanset Road6/26/20144Salt MarshGift
Trump GiftLake Farm Lane3/17/20157.23Red Maple WoodlandGift
Braddock GiftBraddock's Way3/17/20152.1Pine/Oak WoodlandGift
Ragsdale GiftRock Harbor Road & Prence Lane6/27/20162.38Atlantic White Cedar/Red Maple Swamp Gift
Truesdale GiftCaptain Curtis Way7/15/20160.56Woodland/wetlandPurchase
Cullen GiftOlivers Way7/26/20160.9Red cedar woodland to edge of Mill PondGift
Fort Hill LLC GiftPortanimicut Road1/18/20174.84Pond and vegetated wetland habitat off Portanimicut Road, connecting to town conservation land.Gift
Tom's Hollow PurchaseTom's Hollow Lane6/23/20171.4Wooded upland with a state certified vernal pool. Purchase