Policies & Procedures

The Board of the Orleans Conservation Trust (“OCT” or “the Trust”) has developed over a dozen policies and procedures since the founding of the Trust in 1970. A number of these policies and procedures are “required” due to our status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, specifically noted on the Form 990 Federal Tax return form (eg, the Conflict of Interest Policy, Whistleblower Policy, and Document Retention and Destruction Policy). Others have been recommended by our financial advisors and/or our tax advisor (e.g., the Investment Policy, Investment Procedures, and the Cash Receipts and Disbursement Procedures). Additional policies and procedures have been developed over time to provide guidance on matters relating to the administration and operations of the Trust – to help standardize and formalize routine as well as non-routine procedures (e.g., CR Amendments Policy, Memorial Benches, Rocks and Trees Policy, and Vistas and Vegetation Policy). Most recently, we have developed the “Nomination, Vetting and Election of Trustees Policy and Procedures” and the “Trust Policies and Procedures”.

At a Special Meeting of the member of the Trust (held on May 29, 2014), we committed to providing copies of the Trust’s Policies & Procedures on our website for your reference. Each document includes the date that it was approved by the Board.

Please direct any comments or questions to OCT at (508)-255-0183 or oct@orleansconservationtrust.org.