Another key piece of OCT’s educational mission is our twice-annual newsletter, mailed to all members and widely available around Orleans. Although, like most organizations, we’re moving toward more digital communications, our print newsletter wins praise for its lively writing and eye-pleasing visuals.

In most issues you’ll find reports on the business of the Trust—updates on staff and trustees, meetings and events—along with profiles of members and supporters, news about recent land acquisitions and land management projects, and a published schedule of our Walks and Talks.

There are stories about Orleans families and individuals with deep connections to the land, firsthand accounts of exploring our trails, reports on issues of local concern (such as freshwater ponds), and articles by our guest speakers on their subject of expertise. The Fall/Winter issue contains our annual report on giving to the Trust.

Click on issue titles below to access a PDF version.

Spring-Summer 2024 Newsletter

  • From the President
  • The Trust in Brief
  • Making Our Yards Habitat-Friendly
  • How to Have a Trail-Friendly Dog
  • Summer/Fall Lectures and Walks
  • Caring for Land: It Takes a Community of Volunteers
  • Taking Back the Cape

Fall-Winter 2023 Newsletter

  • From the President
  • Restoration Keynotes Annual Meeting
  • Land for All Reasons
  • A Gardner Goes Native
  • OCT's Demonstration Garden
  • Winter/Spring Lectures and Walks
  • Eagles Have Landed in Orleans
  • Gifts and Donations

Spring-Summer 2023 Newsletter

  • From the President
  • Bringing Outdoor Learning to Orleans Students
  • Investing in the Land
  • State of the Waters
  • Tracing the Three Ponds
  • Volunteer Spotlight
  • Creating Landscape for Bird Diversity

Fall-Winter 2022 Newsletter

  • From the President
  • The Trust Looks Back and Ahead
  • Caring for Our Lands
  • On Boland Pond
  • Winter/Spring Lectures and Walks
  • Gifts and Donations

Spring-Summer 2022 Newsletter

  • From the President
  • The Next Generation for Conservation
  • Partners Connect on the Storybook Trail
  • Summer/Fall Lectures and Walks
  • Improving Access for Families
  • Q&A with raptor rescuer Norman Smith

Fall-Winter 2021 Newsletter

  • From the President
  • Prescott Keynotes OCT Annual Meeting
  • Strong Support for Expanding Henson’s Cove Preserve
  • Portanimicut Greenbelt Update
  • Island Excursions
  • The Case for Grassland Habitat
  • Winter/Spring Lectures and Walks
  • Window on the Past
  • Gifts and Donations

Spring-Summer 2021 Newsletter

  • From the President
  • Governing Documents Get a Refresh
  • Completing the Necklace at Henson’s Cove
  • Summer/Fall Lectures and Walks
  • Planting Trees and Hope
  • Partners for Earth Day
  • Improving Trails, Enhancing Habitat

Fall-Winter 2020 Newsletter

  • From the President
  • OCT's Annual Meeting Goes Virtual
  • Closing in on Success at 109 Portanimicut
  • Taking to the Trails
  • Winter/Spring Lectures and Walks
  • Helping Hands on OCT Lands
  • Gifts and Donations

Spring-Summer 2020 Newsletter

  • From the President
  • OCT's 50th Birthday
  • More Land for Portanimicut Greenbelt
  • Sipson Island Update
  • Summer/Fall Lectures and Walks
  • Seeds of the Future, Wisdom of the Past
  • Good Boundaries Make Good Neighbors
  • OCT Launches White Cedar Society

Fall-Winter 2019 Newsletter

  • From the President
  • Talking Turtle at Annual Meeting
  • The Land Tells Our Story
  • Growing the Portanimicut Greenbelt
  • Winter/Spring Lectures and Walks
  • Gifts and Donations

Spring-Summer 2019 Newsletter

  • From the President
  • Winter to Summer at the Trust
  • Resilient Coastlands
  • Arts for the Earth
  • Summer/Fall Lectures and Walks
  • Little Fish Big Hopes
  • Open Space Keeps Orleans Special
  • High Heat to High Tech
  • Vernal Happenings

Fall-Winter 2018 Newsletter

  • Annual Meeting
  • Generous Bequests
  • Supporter Profile
  • Terrapin Turtle Report
  • Touring Pochet Island
  • Winter/Spring Lectures and Walks
  • Comings and Goings at OCT
  • Fall Land Stewardship

Spring-Summer 2018 Newsletter

  • OCT Hires New Director
  • Addition to White’s Lane Conservation Area
  • Earth Day Event at Addison Art Gallery
  • Summer/Fall 2018 Lectures and Walks
  • Status of Freshwater Ponds in Orleans
  • Land Trusts and Climate Change
  • A walk at the Ice House Pond Conservation Area
  • Storm Recovery

Fall-Winter 2017 Newsletter

  • Annual Meeting
  • Potential New Acquisition
  • LOVE for the Land Concert
  • Land Ethic and Conservation
  • Winter/Spring Lectures and Walks
  • Know Your Terrapins
  • Comings and Goings at OCT

Spring-Summer 2017 Newsletter

  • New Open Space
  • Freshwater Ponds
  • Boxes for Bluebirds
  • Summer/Fall 2017 Lectures and Walks
  • Jonathan Moore’s Legacy
  • A Land Preserve for Nauset Heights
  • Walking Bakers Pond