Mill Pond Trail Reroute

Mill Pond Conservation Area, given by the Tovrov family, has a new trail to enjoy! With the help of AmeriCorps Cape Cod, Orleans Conservation Trust staff created two new pieces of trail, closing off old dangerous sections that were becoming highly eroded. The first piece of new trail is just over the bridge, and heads north along the wetlands, turns east and heads back south reconnecting with the existing trail system. The new trail is marked with directional and OCT trail signs to aid walkers. The second is closer to the cove, diverting walkers down a more gently sloped section of land to get to the marsh walk. Furthermore, branches were cleared in order to allow walkers to walk closer to the tree line, off of important marsh plants.

Some of the old trail sections were becoming dangerous because of high amounts of water on the trails, especially during the spring, cutting sediment away from roots and washing it down slopes. This made the trail steeper and increased tripping hazard. The sediment eventually made its way into the protected wetlands, including a state certified vernal pool.

We hope you find the new trail an easier walk to enjoy, along with the knowledge that it is better for the land and bodies of water. Thanks to the Wellfleet House of AmeriCorps Cape Cod and OCT Dorothy Rowe Boyle summer intern Sam for all of their hard work!

Turn left at the copper beech!

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