Mauch Gift Restoration

11In 2011 the Town of Orleans and the Orleans Conservation Trust (OCT) teamed up to host AmeriCorps week. One of the project sites was located at the Ted Mauch Gift, which is located in East Orleans off Old Duck Hole Road and Lovell Lane. The project focused on the removal of invasive species and the restoration of a portion of the property back to an early succession field habitat.

On November 21, 2014 AmeriCorps members built off that initial work, cutting and removing invasive vines and shrubs (such as bush honeysuckle, Asiatic bittersweet, English Ivy, etc) from the upland habitat. At that same time vegetation was removed from the stone walls found on site and an old brick walkway was restored.

Special thanks to AmeriCorps, the Town Tree Warden, and OCT volunteers for making this project a success!