Land Acquisition Opportunity Braddocks Way

OCT is currently fundraising to purchase a lot on Braddock’s Way, which will connect to the White’s Lane Conservation Area.  

More information about this exciting opportunity is below.


• 1.71 acres of wooded upland.
• Residential buildable lot with new subdivision plan.










The acquisition of the property will:
• Add to a wildlife corridor by connecting existing OCT conservation lands, including wetlands and a restored native grassland habitat at White’s Lane Conservation Area.
• Protect threatened Northern diamondback terrapin nesting habitat. White’s Lane is the only site in Orleans with annually protected nests. Fourteen nests were discovered this year.
• Protect species including Eastern bluebirds, woodland hawks, box turtles, and fox, within a state recognized Critical Natural Landscape.
• Protect oak, pine, and cedar trees within a state classified Prime 2 Forest Land area.

We feel that this property is a strategic piece to create a 16 acre preserve by Henson’s Cove.  This parcel connects a habitat corridor in a truly unique landscape and vital nesting site for the threatened Northern diamondback terrapin.  Protection of this parcel will also preserve the scenic viewshed from Henson’s Cove and The River.   















OCT has been given until January 16, 2018 to raise the funds.  We are currently over halfway to our goal!

To learn more about the campaign, contact Director Liz Migliore at 508-255-0183.