Invasive Species

IMG_7959An invasive species can be defined as one that is non-native to a specific ecosystem,
with its introduction to that ecosystem potentially causing environmental harm by way of adverse effects to native flora and fauna. They often out-compete local plants, which can create a monoculture in that ecosystem, thus reducing biodiversity. By clicking on the link below you will see a comprehensive list of invasive species that are considered to be of particular significance to ecosystems on Cape Cod. The list includes invasive species as well as native species that can act like invasive species in the way that they crowd out other plants. The latter are included at the end of the list. General information is provided for each of these plants. If you find that any of the plants listed here is making a presence on or near your property, we encourage you to do more research and take action in order to hinder the growth of or eliminate the plant entirely.

Special thanks to OCT 2013 Land Stewardship and Outreach Interns Ben Lyttle and Steven O’Grady for putting this information together.

Note- This page is currently a work in progress and not all invasive species are outlined within.