Help Count Herring!

Every year, hundreds of thousand of river herring along the East Coast make their way from the sea back to the bodies of freshwater where they began their lives. Like salmon, they are anadramous, and will spawn in these natal waters to begin the cycle of life again. Herring are a vital food source for many predators in the Northeast, including everything from tuna and striped bass to ospreys and bald eagles!

Herring populations throughout New England have struggled to endure the many human pressures on their populations, and significant conservation efforts are taking place to help these incredibly important fish recover. This is where you come in! You can help these fish by participating in a count as the fish pass from Pleasant Bay into Pilgrim Lake, the terminus of their long journey to spawn. These samples will serve to gauge the health of our local herring populations. Please use this link to arrange your volunteering: Spring 2018 Herring Count