Gifts of Appeciated Securities or Mutual Funds


Gifts of cash are among the most valuable forms of support for the Orleans Conservation Trust because they provide immediately available funds that are often unrestricted and give the Trust the flexibility to meet our most pressing needs. However, many of our donors find that any extra “cash” is often needed to meet their own day-to-day personal and household needs. These same donors, and others as well, may have access to appreciated securities or mutual funds, which can provide another valuable way to support the Trust.

Giving appreciated assets such as publicly traded stocks or mutual funds is a fast and easy way to make a gift to the OCT. Gifts of stock can be specifically directed within the Trust (e.g., for our Endowment Fund, to support a specific land purchase, to help fund salary costs, or simply to fund our day-to-day operating expenses). Such gifts may also help you to –

  • Diversify your assets, and
  • Minimize capital gains taxes.

It is generally a better strategy to give appreciated securities directly to the Trust, rather than selling them and donating the proceeds of the sale. The tax benefits of giving appreciated securities may even allow you to increase the size of your gift. If you own securities that have lost value, you can sell the stock, take the capital loss deduction, and then make a gift to the Trust.

For detailed instructions for giving appreciated securities or shares of mutual funds please call us at 508-255-0183, or email us at

Thank you for supporting the Orleans Conservation Trust!