Dorothy Rowe Boyle Internship Hire

300x225The Orleans Conservation Trust is happy to announce the hiring of Stephen O’Grady as the first Dorothy Rowe Boyle Intern. Stephen is 21 years old and is entering his senior year at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. He is pursuing an environmental science degree with a focus in conservation biology. Stephen grew up in North Andover, Massachusetts and has spent many summers in Orleans. He interned at OCT in the summer of 2013, which he found a highly rewarding experience. He has always loved being outdoors, and he realized at an early age that he wanted to get into conservation work. He recognizes that without organizations like OCT and the associated land set aside for preservation, he would not have been able able to enjoy the outdoor opportunities he had growing up. Resultantly, he wants to build a career based on conservation work, specifically helping solve human wildlife conflicts and working on preserving critical wildlife habitats. Stephen is confident that his continued experience with OCT will go a long way towards giving him exposure to the real life problems that arise as human development jeopardizes the future of the environment. He hopes it will provide him with ways of navigating these problems that are beneficial for both the people involved and the natural world.

Position Description:
Stephen will work directly with staff to advance the mission of OCT through a variety of land management and stewardship activities. He will be asked to assist with land management needs and requests, reporting directly to OCT Director. He will also be involved with property inspections and maintenance, long and short-term land management planning, land management grant research, property boundary investigating, educational outreach, and volunteer engagement.