Recap – Conservation in the 21st Century Lecture


Mark Robinson, Executive Director of the Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts, spoke to a full room at the Orleans Yacht Club Thursday evening, January 18. With over 30 years of open space protection under his belt, Mark spoke of how land preservation has changed over time.


Mark highlighted the successes of conservation organizations on the Cape and off. As Cape Cod’s real estate value has climbed, land trusts have had to adapt their strategies. While most parcels were donated to land trusts in the past, there has been a climbing percentage of land purchases by preservation organizations. More so now than ever, land preservation efforts necessitate collaboration between a vast array of stakeholders at many levels.


Additionally, Mark emphasized, conservation organizations are increasingly prioritizing land acquisitions that will preserve sensitive or rare habitat, and also those that will create contiguous conservation parcels and wildlife corridors. Mark has been an incredible leader in Cape Cod land conservation, and OCT is very lucky to have his assistance! Thanks, Mark, for a great talk.