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Invasive Trees

Grey Willow (Salix Cinerea)

Grey willows are a small deciduous tree (sometimes considered a shrub) with long slender branches covered in many elongated leaves…

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Sycamore Maple (Acer Pseudoplatanus)

Initially from Europe and Eastern Asia, this type of maple was brought over to be ornamental and is commonly seen…

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Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus Altissima)

Also known as shumac or Chinese sumac, the tree of heaven is native to China and Taiwan and was introduced…

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Norway Maple (Acer Platanoides)

Originating in Europe and Western Asia, Norway Maple found its way to America due to ornamental value as a landscape…

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Black Locust (Robinia Pseudoacacia)

Native to the southeastern United States, the black locust found its way to New England because of its wood that…

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