Volunteer land stewards are essential to OCT’s land management efforts. This is a great opportunity to explore some new territory and get your hands dirty while doing valuable conservation work.

Land stewards receive training from OCT staff and are then tasked with monitoring the property (or properties) of their choice one to four times yearly, to ensure that the land is being managed in accordance with OCT’s goals.

Land stewards are expected to:

  • Conduct a minimum of 1–4 visits per year at the steward’s chosen property(ies)
  • Walk the property boundaries (first time will be with OCT staff) to ensure there is no encroachment and that the land is being used appropriately
  • If trails exist, walk the trails, documenting any major trail maintenance issues
  • Complete and submit a property survey form in a timely manner, and follow up with OCT staff as necessary
  • On properties with non-native invasive vegetation, land stewards (once trained) may be asked to cut back invasives where feasible

Your time is valuable, and we greatly appreciate your choosing to devote some of it to this important work!

If you’d like to help but aren’t ready to become a land steward, join our volunteers list to receive email blasts about one-time volunteer opportunities.

“We get out in nature, we keep track of changes in the seasons and the plant and animal life around us. We learn about taking care of the land, and we get some exercise!”
—Volunteer land steward Charlie Thompson