Baker’s Pond Walk Recap

On a sunny Tuesday, the rescheduled walk to Baker’s Pond took place with blue sky and a light breeze. Over twenty people came to enjoy the land, which was acquired by the town of Orleans and sits next to land also kept in conservation by the town of Brewster. The pond itself is both large and deep, and is incredibly healthy, likely in part due to the high amount of conserved land around the pond’s boundaries. Local residents added flavor to the walk, by telling interesting stories of historical residents.

The land not only has common natives such a pitch pines and wintergreen, it also hosts globally rare species such as the spatulate-leaved sundew, a carnivorous plant, and the Plymouth gentian, a beautiful pink flower. The trails are often changing, so please be sure to follow marked trails, as you may accidentally find yourself on private property.

Remember to join us for our next walk on Friday, April 29th to learn about birds at Twinings Pond with Bob Prescott.


bakers pond plants



bakers pond

Baker’s Pond