August 5, 2014 Members Meeting

On May 29th, 2014 OCT hosted a Special Meeting of the Members, at which time Members had the opportunity to provide feedback relating to updating the language in the Declaration of Trust. At the Special Meeting, it was agreed that more dialogue between the Board and OCT Members would be useful to help ensure that all opinions were received and considered.
To this end, the Board scheduled two additional Member’s meetings. The first meeting took place on Thursday, July 17th and the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 5th. The August 5, 2014 meetings will start at 5:00pm at the Orleans Council on Aging, 150 Rock Harbor Road, Orleans.

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 Members’ Meeting Materials

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If you have any questions please contact OCT Director Kris Ramsay at 508-255-0183 or e-mail