Nature-Friendly Practices You Can Adopt for Your Yard

Orleans Conservation Trust is committed to integrating At Home with Nature principles into all our public programs: guided walks, presentations by experts, educational materials, and other resources offered at no cost to year-round and seasonal residents of Orleans. And we look forward to working with local partners on more educational programs. Protecting nature in our community is up to all of us—and it starts at home. Please join us!

Native Plant Lists

There are many organizations on Cape Cod that specialize in providing native plant lists. Here are some you will find useful.

Orleans Conservation Trust: We have a list of the most common native, non-native and invasive plants on Cape Cod, including pictures to help you easily identify what you have in your yard.

Pollinator Pathway Cape Cod: A comprehensive list of plants focused on pollinators, categorized by perennial plants, shrubs, and trees. This list is great for gardeners as the perennials are sorted by the time of year when they bloom.

Cape Cod Native Plants: hosted by the Association to Preserve Cape Cod: This site, complete with pictures, enables you to sort plants by type (annual, grass, shrub, etc.), sunlight, soil type, bloom month, height, and benefits.

Town of Orleans List of Native Plants: Sorted by flowers, low-growing shrubs, and shrubs. Each listing includes the name (common and scientific), habitat and bloom time.

Mass Audubon Native & Beneficial Plants: There are hundreds of native and beneficial plants found in Massachusetts; incorporate this starting list to support your outdoor space.

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