Member Notice

Dear OCT Members,

It’s with very mixed feelings that the Trustees have accepted the resignation of our gifted and dedicated Director, Kris Ramsay, to take up an opportunity in the private sector.

It’s a little like the so-called stages of bereavement. We’ve experienced denial: Oh no! this can’t be happening. Dismay: how will we ever find someone good enough to replace Kris? Sadness: in saying goodbye to a longtime employee whom we value so highly and find so congenial. Pride: in having helped foster Kris’s professional development over the six years he has been with OCT. Excitement: any big organizational change is an opportunity for growth, and we’re determined that will be the case here.

Thanks in no small part to Kris’s wide-ranging talents (from speaking to fundraising to running a Gravely) and unflagging work ethic, OCT has made great strides during his years with us. Today we’re not just the Cape’s second-oldest land trust but one of its most active and successful. Over the last six years the Trust has preserved nearly 100 acres of land through purchase, gifts, and conservation restrictions; increased our membership from a few hundred to nearly a thousand; hosted more than 130 educational programs; revamped our website; launched our first 12-page newsletter; instituted online and absentee voting for elections; and undertaken a revision of the Declaration of Trust, which we expect to complete this April.

As he told us yesterday, Kris thought long and hard about this move. You may or may not know that he and his wife, Anna, are expecting their first child in March. He ultimately decided the time was right, from both a professional and personal standpoint. He will be helping to guide a Harwich-based landscaping company into the growing niche of ecological restoration work, for which his OCT job has thoroughly prepared him. He also plans to use his land use skills and recently obtained real estate license to help local families find creative ways to hold onto family lands, rather than sell them for development.

Kris has thoughtfully timed his departure for early May, after completing the spring newsletter production, this season’s educational programs, and the Declaration of Trust revision process. The Board (with a newly formed search committee) has already begun the search for his replacement, with the intent that the new Director will benefit from some overlap in the office with Kris. Some day-to-day tasks can be assumed, as needed, by our able AmeriCorps intern, Frank DeLeo (to the extent permitted by his role) and by volunteers from the Board.

The search for a new Director will be both wide-ranging and targeted. A complete job description will be posted on the Trust website at (Click Here). If members wish to suggest potential candidates or offer other ideas, please e-mail

We know that all OCT members join us in expressing deep gratitude to Kris for his many achievements as Director—and the positive, energetic, friendly tone he has brought to all his interactions with the Board, Members, and the public—and send him on his way with our best hopes and wishes for his future success and happiness.


The Trustees


Dear Members, Friends, Colleagues, Staff, and Supporters:

Kris Ramsay ImageLike the Trustees, I have mixed emotions as I step down from my position as Director of the Orleans Conservation Trust. It has been my pleasure to serve as an employee of the Trust, growing from the Land Manager position to Administrator and, most recently, Director. Thank you for helping make the past six years among the happiest, most fulfilling years of my life. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to work with incredible individuals, all of whom have helped mold me into the person I am today.

It’s impossible not to feel like there are loose ends when leaving any job. But I think the organization is in a very good position to carry on under new direction, and I look forward to approval of the amended Declaration of Trust as a kind of capstone on my time here.

As I move on, I am filled with pride in knowing I worked for an organization committed to improving our community’s quality of life, not only today but for future generations. The current Trustees continue to be dedicated to the mission of the organization, and I am confident that their diverse backgrounds and skills will help the Trust grow and mature in the years ahead.

I will miss working with such an amazing group of people, in a very special community. I cannot thank you enough for all the opportunities and experiences you have given me during my time with OCT. I wish you all the very best.

Kris Signature

Kris Ramsay