Land Acquisition Opportunity Braddocks Way

OCT is currently fundraising to purchase a lot on Braddocks Way, which will connect to the Whites Lane Conservation Area.  

More information about this property is below.


• 1.71 acres of wooded upland.
• Residential buildable lot with new subdivision plan.
• Proposed 416 lineal feet driveway off Braddocks Way, partially shared with Lot 14.
• Not currently listed for sale.











The acquisition of the property will:
• Add to a wildlife corridor by connecting existing OCT conservation lands, including White’s Lane Conservation Area.
• Protect Prime 2 Forest Land (state classification as highly productive for growing certain trees).
• Protect land within a state recognized Critical Natural Landscape (intact habitat that supports various species).

OCT has been given until January 16, 2018 to raise the funds.

We feel that this property is a strategic piece to create a 16 acre preserve by Henson’s Cove.  To learn more about the campaign, contact Director Liz Migliore at 508-255-0183.